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Would you like to be a Senior Spokesmodel for Isabella Rae Photography? Do you LOVE to be in front of the camera? Do you LOVE social media?  Are you involved in your school? Do you want to be the first in your class to have unique and incredible senior pictures? Then you may be Isabella Rae Photography’s next Senior Spokesmodel!

Isabella Rae Photography will be choosing various high schools in the Pittsburgh area and selecting students to be spokesmodels. If you are chosen, you will receive take part in multiple photo shoots throughout the upcoming months!

Please note that parent/guardian consent it required to participate. Please obtain permission PRIOR TO submitting your application.

What is required?
•You must be in the graduating class of 2018
•You must attend a high school in the Pittsburgh area
•You must show off your photographs and be willing to promote Isabella Rae Photography
•You must sign an exclusive contact with Isabella Rae Photography to promote us and agree not to promote any other photographer/studio in any way, shape, or form.
•You must be willing to have an AWESOME time at multiple photo shoots throughout the year!!!
•An application must be filled out prior to acceptance. If you are chosen as a spokesmodel you will be photographed in March/April. Within two weeks,  you will be able to preview your photographs and we will choose images for your favorite images.  Spokesmodels are not required to purchase any products or prints from Isabella Rae Photography; however, if you decide to, your ordering session will not be until the end of summer in order to give you plenty of time to earn free photos!
•You must have parent/guardian permission!
•You must be willing to pay for your hair and makeup to be professionally done.
•You and your parent/guardian must sign a model release so that images may be used for advertisement by Isabella Rae Photography.

Some Additional Information
Most students have their senior pictures taken over the summer so it is very important that your show your portraits to as many people as possible before school lets out.  The more you show your portraits and promote Isabella Rae Photography, the more print credits you can earn!

Only a limited number of students will be chosen and all applications must be received by January 30, 2017.  Spaces are limited, so don’t wait!!!  If you are chosen to continue on to the interview round I will contact you via e-mail in February.  If you are chosen for the Spokesmodel program,  a contract must be signed by you and your parents.


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